The Best Web Data Extractor According To Semalt Expert

Ever since the internet started growing in terms of quality and size, data enthusiasts and businesses have started looking for suitable data extractors. and Octoparse have been around for quite some time. Both of these tools have claimed to scrape more than seven million web pages so far. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for both programmers and non-programmers and require some coding skills. Thus, freelancers and non-coders keep looking for suitable alternatives. ParseHub and Kimono Labs could be your choice if you have not learned any programming language such as Python, C++, and Ruby.

1. ParseHub:

When it comes to organizing and defining the look and shape of your site, the ParseHub program is right for you. It has various Firefox add-ons and can control multiple website elements on your behalf. This program divides a website into different sections, extracts all of its pages, backups the files, and saves the complete website on your computer for offline use.

Once you have selected the website or blog that you want to extract, the next step is to let ParseHub do its work.

Benefits of this tool:

  • Its scrape option is quite powerful and useful. It lets us access and control how the data will be extracted.
  • Its tool-set has been designed to handle a dynamic range of sites and blogs.
  • It can arrange your data alphabetically, without any need to download each file manually.
  • The API is quite robust and tends to return the results with delays rather than getting failed.

2. Kimono Labs:

Just like ParseHub, Kimono is a comprehensive web extraction program. However, it takes a whole new approach to hide the complex data behind the simple files and arranging your pages based on their performances and structure. What you have to do is select the website to be extracted, give it a temporary name and let Kimono do its work.

Benefits of this service:

  • It is a simple to use tool that can be integrated with any browser or operating system.
  • It comes with a special Chrome plugin, and its results can be seen or downloaded in the real-time model.
  • This program allows downloading the accurate data promptly.
  • There are various interactive and static documents to support new users.
  • It can easily handle both small and large sized websites.


It's quite difficult to say which tool is better. However, according to users' feedbacks and reviews, ParseHub is more preferable than Kimono. However, it doesn't mean Kimono fails to come up your expectations. In fact, both of these web extraction tools offer a decent balance between usability and power.

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